Missionary Priest

Donal Dorr M.A., D.D. is a well-known facilitator, consultant, trainer, resource-person and author. For many years he devoted himself to working, in Ireland and overseas, with community groups, Church groups, and teams of all kinds, with a special emphasis on empowerment and community-building.

More recently Donal has acted as a consultant for management and leadership teams of a wide variety of religious congregations, community workers, and voluntary organisations. He helps those in leadership or managerial roles to find more creative ways of working, and enables them to develop a more inspiring style of leadership.

At this time many of those in leadership or managerial roles are looking for ways to foster a more respectful and caring atmosphere in the workplace. Donal's work helps them to bridge the gap between management and a socially and ecologically sensitive spirituality.

As a consultant on specific topics Donal's expertise relates to global issues such as international development economics, social justice, ecological sensitivity, overseas mission, inter-religious dialogue, inter-cultural living and creative leadership.

Donal is the author of several books on various aspects of holistic living, including,

 Spirituality and Justice,

 Integral Spirituality,

 The Social Justice Agenda,

 Divine Energy,

 Mission in Today's World,

 Time for a Change,

 Spirituality of Leadership,

  Spirituality: Our Deepest Heart's Desire

  Conversion and Holiness: The Teaching of John Wesley

  Option for the Poor and for the Earth 

   The Pope Francis Agenda



 His most recent book which is to be published in 2020 by Veritas in Ireland  and Orbis Books in the USA is: A Creed for Today: Proclaiming our Faith and Commitment in a way that takes account of Our New Earth Awareness.

Donal is a member of St Patrick's Missionary Society (Kiltegan). You can visit the Society website by clicking on this link: www.spms.org.  

Donal is a member of a group called 'APT: Act to Prevent Trafficking', a group which campaigns to raise awareness about the trafficking of women for sexual exploitation, and which engages in the lobbying of politicians in relation to legislation in this area. To learn more about this group, click on this link to the APT website :  www.aptireland.org.

       To contact me: ddorr2012@gmail.com.    +353-(0)1-4960222