FRAMEWORKS FOR CHANGE: for Leadership Teams  
of Religious Congregations, or Teams of Social Workers, or
  Management Teams of Non-Governmental Organizations 

"Frameworks for Change"  is a specialised three-day workshop which enables teams to integrate their spirituality with management and planning skills. It puts team members in touch with their creativity, their intuitive powers, and with the inspirations of the Spirit. It helps them to locate and overcome underlying personal and team issues which may be blocking co-operation and trust. Then it leads them on to situate the purpose, charism,/tradition and ethos of their organisation within a global context where major issues such as ecology, racism, patriarchy, and world justice have to be faced.


I like to work with a leadership or management team of four or five members. Each member of the team has the opportunity to work on her/his own issues - including team relationships - and is supported in doing so by the other members of the team as well as by the process and the facilitator. This helps to deepen the understanding of the team members for each other and enables them to straighten out relationships within the team.

In recent years I have facilitated the 'Frameworks' workshop for the leadership teams of a wide variety of religious Congregations, and Voluntary Organizations, as well as with teams of social workers and family therapists. All of them report that they have found it very helpful, in promoting better and warmer working relationships and greater understanding of personal differences and difficulties.


               FRAMEWORKS  COACHING  PROCESS                      

This shorter workshop is available for teams that do not want to devote sufficient time to take part in the full Frameworks process. In a day or two they can develop their relationships with each other and come more in touch with their intuition and creativity. I prefer to work with teams of four or five members; but in some cases a larger number may take part in the workshop. The time may vary from about six hours to about ten hours, depending on the wishes of the participants.

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