Justice, Leadership, and Mission 


I design seminars and workshops to meet the specific needs of those who ask for my help. In doing so I draw on my experience of working as a missionary and community trainer for several years in different African countries, and more briefly in Latin America. I can also draw on the results of the extensive research I did on the theory and practice of development economics and cultural and religious diversity, during the years when I was the holder of a Research Fellowship in the Theology of Development.  Typical one-day or two-day seminars might look like these:

                        ECOLOGY, JUSTICE AND MISSION 

 - An exploration of the issues and challenges currently facing the missionaries and development workers of a Congregation or organisation.

 - Globalisation and its effects, with reflections on ways of challenging the present unjust type of globalisation.

 - Input and sharing on the relationship between evangelisation, liberation, and development in concrete situations facing the organisation.

 - Input on the relationship between mission and work for justice, with special emphasis on the message of Jesus.

I have written a book entitled MISSION IN TODAY'S WORLD. If you would like to read a chapter of that book, entitled 'New Models, New Images, New Attitudes', you can download it in Word format by clicking on the following link:

I have a particular interest in the topic of ecology. To download a copy of my contribution to a book entitled 'Laudato Si': An Irish Contribution published in 2017 by Veritas, Dublin click here: http://www.donaldorr.com/LAUDATO.doc

For those interested in getting a Role-Play/Simulation which I designed in order to help groups to work for consensus on reconciling development with traditional values, see: http://www.donaldorr.com/RolePlay.doc


                      MISSION, WORD AND SPIRIT

  - Many Religions, One Spirit

 - Prophetic Inspiration and Prophetic Movements

 - Diverse Modes of the Work of the Spirit

- How the Spirit gets through to us

 - Evangelisation Today: Spirit and Word: we need both

 - Re-evangelisation where the Church has less credibility.

If you would like to read a chapter about Inspiration from the Spirit from my book DIVINE ENERGY, you can download it by clicking on the following link:



 Leadership in Scripture and in our present experience

  The basis for changes in our recent approaches to Leadership

 - Different kinds of leader

 - Various ways of exercising leadership

 - Vision and Call

 - Discernment and Intuition

If you would like to read a chapter from my book SPIRITUALITY OF LEADERSHIP, you can download it by clicking on the following link:


The picture shows Bishop Willy Walsh at the launch of Donal's book Spirituality of Leadership, with Columba Press publisher Sean O'Boyle, as well as Donal and Donal's sister, Ben Kimmerling


For many years I have been involved in running training programmes and workshops in various parts of Africa on leadership and development - and linking development with spirituality. The picture below was taken during the residential 'Training of Transformation' (advanced level) course in the Grail Centre, Kleinmond, South Africa.



    To contact me: ddorr2012@gmail.com.    +353-(0)1-4960222