In the final chapter of a book, which I wrote a few years ago, entitled TIME FOR A CHANGE, I suggested that there are three fundamental structural problems in The Catholic Church which need to be addressed:

(1) Clericalism

(2) Dysfunctional Authority Structures

(3) Excessive Centralization.

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In that book I also devoted a chapter to analysing how shame gives rise to various escape strategies such as withdrawal or attack of self or others - and how this plays a major role in sexual abuse. If you would like to download what I wrote on this topic, click here:

In an earlier book, entitled THE SOCIAL JUSTICE AGENDA, I wrote about how theology can be used to dominate people or to liberate them. If you would like to download (in Word format) what I wrote on this topic, click here: 

Over the past fifty years I have devoted a great lot of time to exploring the notion of religious conversion from a psychological, historical, and theological point of view. It is a very important ecumenical topic, because evangelical Protestants put a lot of emphasis on personal conversion, while Catholics have tended to emphasize gradual growth in holiness, and the role of the sacraments. My research has eventually come to fruition in my book CONVERSION AND HOLINESS: The Teaching of John Wesley. In this book have given a detailed account of how Wesley managed to hold together the traditional Protestant stress on 'salvation by grace alone' with an emphasis on the importance of commitment to live a life of holiness. One might say that in some respects he anticipated the historic agreement between the Lutheran, Methodist, and Catholic Churches on the key Reformation concept of 'grace alone'.

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I have written a series of articles about Pope Francis in our missionary magazine called Africa: St Patrick's Missions. Several of them are about his teaching on 'Care for the Earth'. If you would like to read one or two of them, click on one or both of the following references:


For many years I have been concerned about the ECOLOGY issue. Back in 1990 I published a book entitled INTEGRAL SPIRITUALITY. The first chapter of that book has the title 'Down to Earth Spirituality'. In it I tried to outline what I saw as an ecological spirituality; but I also addressed what I see as the more urgent and practical issue of how to help people to nurture such a spirituality for themselves and others. I included an adapted version of a beautiful meditation called 'The Web' (i.e. the web of life) by Joanna Macy. I also included several deeply moving pages from Marge Piercy's novel 'Woman on the Edge of Time' where she conveys what an ideal ecologically-sensitive world might look like in the future. If you would like to download (in Word format) this chapter from my book, click here:

One of my books is entitled SPIRITUALITY, OUR DEEPEST HEART'S DESIRE. In it I have dealt with two aspects of spirituality which are often thought to pull us in opposite directions--the nourishing aspect and the moral commitment aspect. I set out to show that in fact there are very close links between the two. One of the chapters in that book is entitled 'A Spirituality of Intimacy'. If you would like to download this chapter (in Word format), click here:


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